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    Survival in Path of Exile
    Everyone loves a good hack-n-slash adventure.  Games like Diablo and Baldur’s Gate took bold new steps in shaping the genre.  And now, years later, a new face enters the fray with ideals of further shaping the genre.  Released on October 23, 2013 by independent developer Grinding Gear Studios, Path of Exile is a brutal take on a gaming classic.  By turning many gaming conventions on thei...

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    A Look At The Gods Of Smite – Chronos
    Hailing from Greek mythology and the beginning of time itself is Chronos, the keeper of time.  Not to be confused with the titan Chronus who fathered the gods, Chronos is the eternal watcher of time.  Together with his consort Anake, Chronos shaped the heavens and the earth, the seas and the sky.  He then sat back and watched as time marched on. For a god that sits around and watches for...

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    A Look At The Gods Of Smite – Ne Zha
    Ne Zha is the thorn in proverbial lion’s foot. If that lion were an evil dragon deity hell-bent on ruling the world. It would seem that the child-god Ne Zha was born to fight. Standing against the dragon, Ao Kuang, Ne Zha fought through death itself to bring the tyrant down. Wielding several mystical weapons, Ne Zha is one of the more powerful characters available to Smite players. While ...

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    A Look At The Gods Of Smite – Anhur
    The Egyptian god of war, Anhur, is a force to be reckoned with.  Ra’s son and the brother of Bastet, Anhur was the guardian of his father’s ship which sailed across the sky each day.  Tasked with defending the vessel against the world serpent, Apep, the brother and sister duo were able to finally slay the snake.  With his father as pharaoh and his position as the god of war secured, Anhur t...

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    A Look At The Gods Of Smite – Chang’e
    Not all gods are born.  Some are made.  Some rise above their mortal station and become more than ever dreamed of being.  Such is the story of Chang’e.  Well, depending on the story you hear.  Smite’s version of Chang’e’s history is that of an immortal and her husband, Houyi.  Houyi was a legendary archer whom had been summoned by the Jade Emperor to stop his 10 sons.  These 10 sons...

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