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Vendetta Online

Publisher : Strategy First

Status : Launched

Subscription Model : Pay to Play

Release Date : October 5, 2004

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Genre : FPS Guilds : Yes Grind : High
Graphics : 3D Medium PVP : Yes Population : Medium
Price : $9.99 PVE : Yes System Requirements : High
Crafting : Yes Originality : High Distribution : Digital Download
Sound Effects : Medium Character Customization : Medium Violence : Medium
Item Mall : Yes Type : Sci-Fi Platform : Client Based

Vendetta Online Overview

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Vendetta Online Featured Video

  • Vendetta Online 1.8.432-434- Vendetta Online is a space-based MMORPG with true realtime combat and a
    vast persistent galaxy. Available for Linux, Windows, Mac and Android.
    Tonight's VO 1.8.434 includes:- New Capella hulk assets.- New enemy NPCs in Latos F-12.- Updated test debris sector in Latos F-12, much denser debris (some slower devices may have performance issues).- Debris chunks are no longer selected when selecting enemy ships.- Engine performance optimizations for large debris fields.- Fixed menu problem with lower-resolution Android devices.- Linux version now properly selects the default desktop resolution instead of 800x600 for new installs.Previous releases, 1.8.432-433 included:- Fixed mouse issues when closing the PDA on the Mac OSX version.- The buzzing sign sounds are now muted when docked to stations.- Added a $2.99 Bag of 250 Crystals in-app purchase product for Play Store and Apple Store.- For mobile players, Station Storage rent now costs 25 Crystal per 10,000 CU in addition to credits.- Lite mode now adds a 50% increase to the maximum amount of daily crystal from NPC kills.- Fixed wrong menu being displayed after timing out from the server the first time the game is run.- Updated the initial Tilt/Touch menu on first run to be less confusing.- Added warnings for new players when attempting to set up a nav route outside of their nation.- Added HUD warnings when leaving your Capitol system for the first time and when entering nation border wormholes.- Increased the resolution of the Mic image in the virtual keyboard.Experimentation with higher density battle scenes continues. I hope you can stop by and check out Latos F-12, it has become pretty dramatic. It may run a bit slow for some people (particularly on mobile or VR), but it is an experimental sector, after all.But beware! There are some particularly aggressive NPCs lying in wait for unsuspecting pilots to pass through the area.A lot of other development has been going on, but this NPC and Debris scene was the most we could reliably release tonight. I hope it's fun. Have a great weekend, everyone! - Sat, 14 Oct 2017
  • Vendetta Online launches for Free on iPhone!- Vendetta Online is a space-based MMORPG with true realtime combat and a
    vast persistent galaxy. Available for Linux, Windows, Mac and Android.
    As you can read in the Official Press Release, we have launched Vendetta Online on the iPhone! You can find the game on the App Store here.All devices capable of running iOS 10 or later should be able to install the game, all the way down to the smaller iPhone 5S (the game is better on a larger screen, but it works on the SE and 5S).The game is also no longer a Premium install, and has been changed to a Free install to mirror the other mobile platforms.If you have any issues, please bring them to our attention on the Bugs forum, or you can post general questions to the iOS forum. Thanks! - Thu, 21 Sep 2017
  • Vendetta Online 1.8.431- Vendetta Online is a space-based MMORPG with true realtime combat and a
    vast persistent galaxy. Available for Linux, Windows, Mac and Android.
    VO 1.8.431 includes:- Your Home Station is now set to the station you're launching from if you're currently homed to a Training Station and you're no longer in the Training Sector.- If you have a Training Blaster and you're not in a Training Sector, performing a Buy Back after your ship explodes replaces it with a free Government-Issued Plasma Cannon.- Tilt calibration menu now displays the current tilt angle to help explain what it's doing.- Updated Training IV Station Interface tutorial mission to refer to swiping on touchscreen devices that are using Condensed UI mode (mainly phones).- In-App Purchasable item descriptions can now be canceled immediately instead of having to proceed to the given App Store's IAP menu and cancel from there.- The exit nav point in Training Sectors no longer choose a point behind the large station asteroid.- Fixed the direction of trackpad and mouse wheel scrolling on Mac OS X.- Added a Show Password toggle in the account conversion menu to reduce mistakes when entering a password and confirming it.- Fixed issue with XInput gamepads not getting their analog inputs set up properly on first detection on Windows.- Fixed spickle error message in the errors.log file.Lots of fixes and newbie improvements, with more to come, along with some upcoming announcements for iPhone. - Tue, 12 Sep 2017
  • Vendetta Online 1.8.430- Vendetta Online is a space-based MMORPG with true realtime combat and a
    vast persistent galaxy. Available for Linux, Windows, Mac and Android.
    VO 1.8.430 includes:- Latos F-12 demonstration sector is now a larger and more complex scene, using all the capships hulks and floating pieces.- Mac version now requires OS X 10.9 or newer, and only supports 64bit Intel processors.- PowerPC support has been formally and permanently dropped from Vendetta Online.- Mac version defaults to OpenGL 4 drivers for all new installs. We recommend existing users also switch to GL4, and help report any remaining issues.- Mac GL4 version's auto-detection of discrete vs integrated GPUs and default graphics options have been updated to match the DirectX 11 version.- Mac Retina display support is now possible. Defaults to "off", but may be added with "Enable Retina Support" in Video Options. It may impact performance.- Mac version should now better handle Cmd-Tab, "Spaces" (virtual desktops), and other MacOS features.- iPad version now uses specialized archive files with much faster load times.- iPad users may now configure their gamepad sensitivity curves, under Options -> Input.Clearly, a major update for Mac users, with also some cool new "capship hulks" to check out for everyone else.The Mac version has been in need of a major "architecture upgrade" for quite some time, and this is important to also getting the game on Steam and the Mac Store. If you find any problems, please let us know. There are still some open questions with multi-monitor scenarios and mixed Retina and non-Retina monitors, what we've released should work pretty well, but we're still open to changing default behaviours and adding other feature support.There will still be one more major Mac update, which will basically re-work the way the game actually installs on Macs, to conform to changes Apple has made since our last re-architecture. The new iPad update is to help bring the latest iPhone TestFlight advancements into production for final testing. We are expecting the iPhone version to launch in the near future, more on that later. In the meantime, please report any issues you see on the iPad!Thanks much everyone, and have a fantastic weekend! - Sat, 02 Sep 2017
  • Vendetta Online 1.8.427-429- Vendetta Online is a space-based MMORPG with true realtime combat and a
    vast persistent galaxy. Available for Linux, Windows, Mac and Android.
    VO 1.8.429 includes:- Items and Ships that are visible in the station menu, but not purchasable by the user, will now provide a more detailed explanation of their purchase requirements.- Fixed issue where selecting an un-purchasable addon via the arrow keys caused the 'Purchase Selected' button to not become disabled.- Fixed issue with the description of un-purchasable addons showing a "Item will be placed in station storage." message.- Added more hulk and space-junk assets, not yet released into the demonstration sector.VO 1.8.428 included: - Updated Constellation hulk collision mesh.- Added more types of collidable debris.- Fixed possible crash or extreme memory usage under certain circumstances when starting Vendetta Online.VO 1.8.427 included:- Added five new types of physically-interactive space debris.- Space debris can now be damaged and destroyed.- Latos F-12 test sector updated to use additional types of debris.- Capship hulk no longer requires 3000m distance for sector jump.- Capship hulk is now dynamically colored to a random color.The additional physically-interactive debris, along with capship "hulks" is expected to help enable quite a bit of new content for the game, but we're still in the process of making everything functional. We do hope to have more extensive testing environments soon, as well as the addition of "physically-interactive" debris in all capship explosions. Yes, we are moving towards concepts like "salvage", but we still have some work to do to get there.Additionally, we have some major work on-going to improve the Mac and Windows versions, in advance of higher-profile releases on platforms like Steam. While the game does currently function on both platforms, the standards of the recent OS versions have changed enough to where it's realistically necessary for us to modernize and update the architecture of our game's installation and runtime.As a result, we're completely revamping aspects of the game's installation and functionality, beginning with the Mac version. The next Mac release will likely be a 64bit-only install that requires OS X 10.9 or newer, drops all legacy support for the PowerPC, and hopefully integrates much better with modern Mac desktop functionality (such as the "spaces" virtual desktop environment).This kind of development is not particularly "exciting" to announce, as it doesn't directly result in big gameplay changes. But, it should make the game more usable for people, and it will make it possible for us to ship the game to large-scale marketplaces where it would not otherwise be allowed. So, this makes the development highly worthwhile.Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend! - Sun, 27 Aug 2017
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