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Urban Terror

Publisher : FrozenSand

Status : Launched

Subscription Model : Free to Play

Release Date : August 5, 2000

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Genre : FPS Guilds : Yes Grind : Low
Graphics : 3D Low PVP : Yes Population : Medium
Price : Free PVE : No System Requirements : Low
Crafting : No Originality : Low Distribution : Digital Download
Sound Effects : Medium Character Customization : Low Violence : Medium
Item Mall : Yes Type : Modern Platform : Client Based

Urban Terror Overview

An overview for this game is coming soon!


Urban Terror Featured Video

  • Urban Terror Testers Wanted- Urban Terror News

    To help speed up new releases of Urban Terror we want gamers who like to live on the edge and test Open Betas and Pre-releases of our beloved game!

    If you wish to test and give feedback during the development of new features or if you want to help with debugging new versions before they are officially released, please join us on the new forum dedicated to open betas and pre-releases!

    If these Open Betas are proven to be successful we might as well expand them to Urban Terror HD in order to allow mappers and curious players to test early versions of our new game.

    We will start today with the release of Urban Terror 4.3.0 Release Candidate 2, please click on the link below for more information:

    - Fri, 18 Sep 2015

  • UZL Signups open for season 25/18/10- Urban Terror News

    Are you ready to test your skills? The Urban Zone League has opened sign ups for:

    CTF League - Season 25
    TS League - Season 18
    BOMB League - Season 10

    As always the Urban Zone League welcomes new and existing teams to join the diverse roster of competitors for the upcoming season. UZL plans to bring LIVE coverage of many key games as well as prompting debate over shock results and key matches from the world of Urban Terror!

    Divisions will be supervised by experienced league Administrators and Referees who are always willing to lend a hand and answer any questions that you may have, they can be reached via the PM function on the site, or through the Quakenet IRC channel #Urban-Zone

    UZL Season 25/18/10 is said to be the very last season on urtUrban Terror 4.2. There will also be the opportunity to play or watch great Clan Wars with the second Urban Terror Master Series taking place this season!

    Signups are open until 20 September 2015 so make sure your team is enrolled and ready to play!

    Link: Find more information regarding the coming season on www.urban-zone.org.

    - Thu, 03 Sep 2015

  • Shop till you drop- Urban Terror News
    FrozenSand is celebrating the grand opening of the Urban Terror Goodies shop!
    Link: Enter the shop here.

    Now you will be able to get your very own T-shirts, mugs, caps and other items with your favourite game's iconic urt three-bullet logo! We will be adding more items upon demand. You can also customize and make your own designs for your team or family.

    The shop is powered by Spreadshirt and is available in several languages. FrozenSand will use all proceeds from the shop for the game we love.

    Forget Amazon, check out our store! - Thu, 13 Aug 2015

  • UCL cups, back before the summer ends!- Urban Terror News

    Signup for UCL 1vs1 Cup August

    The UCL just opened it's signups for the 49th edition of their 1on1 Cup series. The cup will begin Monday, Aug. 9th.

    New rule, new supervisor!

    Since the UCL suffered from delays during the cups and a lack of supervisors they recently extended their staff and set a default matchday which will be the deadline as well. Feel free to play your match even earlier.

    Basic rules

    As usual it's a best of 3 maps, 10 minutes per map. Beside their standard map pool you can also play ut4_prominence and ut4_killroom. But you can play any map you want and even have some friends in sub as long as your opponent agrees.


    Signups: Fri, Jul 24th - Sat, Aug 1st
    First Matchweek: Mon, Aug 3rd - Sun, Aug 9
    Default matchday: Sunday, 20:00 Cest
    Information: Visit the cup page for signups and further information.

    - Fri, 24 Jul 2015

  • UrTLA Season 7- Urban Terror News
    UrTLA has opened sign ups for its 7th season!

    Sign ups close on July 3, 2015.

    UrTLA is the oldest and most active Latino American competition for Urban Terror. You don't have to be American, anybody is invited to join and play!

    information Match days:

    Sundays @ 10pm (GMT-3): CTF - 5v5.
    Thursdays @ 10:30pm (GMT-3): TS - 5v5.
    If both teams agree, they can play on another day.

    Find more information at urtla.com. Or contact: Arexo, Ne0, Crisis, Jap, SnuLL or Dazzler. - Thu, 18 Jun 2015


Current version (4.1.1)

information The official link for this download page is http://get.urbanterror.info/

urt4 Urban Terror 4.1.1 can run on Quake 3 Arena or on the free ioUrbanTerror. The downloads contain ioUrbanTerror and everything you need to play Urban Terror.

windows xp

4.1.1 for Windows (Self Extracting Zip)

system_windows Windows [1 GB]  md5: d40ba1505f091e5210c9e0513d6cc757

page_white_go ftp UrbanTerror411.exe utwente.nl
page_white_go http UrbanTerror411.exe iourt.com
page_white_go http UrbanTerror411.exe mtc-team.fr
page_white_copy http Download form clubic.com

If you use Vista, you might want to install to another location than ‘Program Files (x86)’.

mac linux

4.1.1 Mac & Linux

system_mac system_linux Mac & Linux [1 GB]  md5: 722c1fea9936593c9ef039bb068cc33b

page_white_go ftp UrbanTerror411.zip utwente.nl
page_white_go http UrbanTerror411.zip iourt.com
page_white_go http UrbanTerror411.zip mtc-team.fr
page_white_go http UrbanTerror411.zip clanurt.es
page_white_copy http Download form clubic.com
page_white_copy http Download form softonic.pl
page_white_copy http Download form softonic.fr
page_white_copy http Download form gamefront.com

Mac OS Mac application: ioUrbanTerror.app Just unzip the zip and make an alias to the ioUrbanTerror application.

Linux Linux 32bits executable: ioUrbanTerror.i386 Linux 64bits executable: ioUrbanTerror.x86_64 You need to make it executable first: right click it, properties and tick the ‘allow execution’ box.

  • Coming Soon!

Story coming Soon!

  • We currently have no Giveaways for Urban Terror. Please make sure you join our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to be the first to know when we start a new giveaway or contest.

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