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Urban Terror

Publisher : FrozenSand

Status : Launched

Subscription Model : Free to Play

Release Date : August 5, 2000

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Genre : FPS Guilds : Yes Grind : Low
Graphics : 3D Low PVP : Yes Population : Medium
Price : Free PVE : No System Requirements : Low
Crafting : No Originality : Low Distribution : Digital Download
Sound Effects : Medium Character Customization : Low Violence : Medium
Item Mall : Yes Type : Modern Platform : Client Based

Urban Terror Overview

An overview for this game is coming soon!


Urban Terror Featured Video

  • Urban Terror 4.2.021 Release- Urban Terror News
    We're excited to announce today the 4.2.021 release of Urban Terror! Among the many improvements and bug fixes, we decided to rework the Heads-up Display (HUD) to give it a more modern look. Do not hesitate to comment on this thread.

    We also had a lot of requests and concept submissions for a rework of the User Interface (UI), therefore we decided to make the menu files open-source. We will do a blog post about it very soon.

    Have fun!


    Updated text with new font (Roboto) and drop shadow
    Decreased font sizes around the HUD
    Revamp of the mini scoreboard and team overlay
    Updated netgraph
    Updated the player health and damage area. There's now a health percentage indicator (toggleable with cg_drawhealth)
    Improvement of the item and weapon select boxes
    Enhancement of the "3, 2, 1, Go" beep on warmup countdown
    Added cvar: cg_countdownSound to disable the "3, 2, 1, Go" beeps
    Updated the timers - right aligned and new timer and hotpotato icons
    Highlighted map names in orange if they need to be downloaded (in the server browser menu)
    Added $hp chat var
    Updated chat variable substitution. Variable names that are not recognized by the server will not be consumed (you can now type $100)
    Updated the vote HUD element
    Used Team Survivor walls in Freeze Tag
    Added forcesub rcon command
    Added forcecaptain rcon command
    Combined red and blue wave timers if they're equal
    Added cg_showbullethits 3
    Added ability to use "all" with the forceteam command
    Added swap rcon command to swap two players
    Added cg_drawclock which replaces cl_drawclock (1 for a 24-hour clock, and 2 for a 12-hour clock)
    Fixed spawn arrangement on Docks #100
    Fixed a missing texture on Ricochet #110
    Fixed the occasional timeout flights #114
    Fixed status of defusing players being set to "FRZN" #115
    Made dropped bomb yellow on the minimap #82
    Fixed cumulative g_inactivity timer #41
    Fixed blurry ammo icons
    Fixed speedometer and accelerometer positioning when cg_hudWeaponInfo allows it
    Fixed speedometer overlapping weapon info
    Fixed helmet being rendered on top of NVG shader
    Fixed "x team wins" skinning #132
    Fixed bomb being lost to the void #11
    Fixed first shot accuracy in perfect conditions #134
    Changed LEADER to LEAD on the scoreboard #138
    Fixed C&H flags not being counted when the timelimit is hit
    Fixed skin readme text positioning #136
    Fixed skin selection menu starting empty #118
    Unlocked cl_pitchspeed #139
    Changed "Enemies: x" to "Players: x" in Jump mode

    - Sat, 15 Nov 2014

  • Urban Terror 4.2.020 Release- Urban Terror News
    FrozenSand is happy to announce the release of Urban Terror 4.2.020 today (September 30th). This release is mainly bug fixes and improvements to Freeze Tag.

    Have fun!


    Fixed flag taken sound not playing #5 #14
    Fixed ThawOutStarted log spam
    Cleaned up disconnected thaw targets #90
    Added completion for forcesub, goto, load, save, and timeout #46
    Reset player stamina when frozen #94
    Added keycatcher for radio UI #3
    Fixed scoreboard showing "kills" instead of "points" for the blue team #70
    Fixed scoreboard/miniscoreboard showing thawed players as dead #70 #92
    Changed scoreboard status to FRZN for frozen players
    Restored flags on gear change #11
    Fixed frozen players' hitboxes #88
    Added a bar for players who are being thawed out #89
    Moved the thaw progress bar down #91
    Reset the match state when swapteams is called #98
    Set the player's leg model to crouched if frozen in a position where they can't uncrouch #99
    Made frozen players' arrows flash cyan on the minimap
    Fixed live player counting for Freeze Tag #92
    Added a puff of snow for freezing, thawing, and melting
    Fixed bots timing out if bot_pause is 1
    Fixed frozen players taking environmental damage #106
    Fixed login button drawing #71
    Fixed players showing up as frozen when the round starts #111
    Added countdown sounds for pre-game timers
    Fixed frozen players' helmets not showing #64
    Fixed stats menu not working when dead or spectating #39
    Fixed give server crash #40
    Allowed gravity to affect frozen players (this also allows them to be booted)
    Allowed frozen players to be shot to prolong their frozen state

    - Tue, 30 Sep 2014

  • Urban Terror 4.2.019 Release- Urban Terror News
    Here we go!

    This version comes with a new official game mode called Freeze Tag. It is quite popular in Quake-based games and we hope that you will like it as much as we do.

    There are also two new maps, Prominence and Killroom, and as usual a lot of bug fixes.



    New gametype - Freeze Tag (#10) - new CVARs g_thawTime and g_meltdownTime - new log lines
    New map ut4_prominence
    New map ut4_killroom
    New g_stratTime CVAR - strategy time at round start in Team Survivor and BOMB modes
    Fixed hotpotato timer not stopping on timeout
    Fixed crash when using map and devmap server commands
    Fixed a "round end" message loop happening when only one player is connected in FFA gametype
    Fixed the flag capture time bug in jump mode
    Fixed a crash in the demos ui page
    Fixed a possible crash on map load on OSX
    Fixed a "signal 6" crash on OSX 10.9
    Fixed the copy/paste causing engine crash on Unix systems
    Fixed malformed reply to the /ignore command #10
    Fixed ut_weaptoggle grenade malfunction when having two types of grenades #4
    Added a flood protection on weapon mode change #32
    Fixed callvote kick bug where another player could be kicked
    Fixed client number for callvote server log messages
    Fixed callvote map unpredictability and server log messages
    Fixed some HUD elements being displayed while the client was paused #36
    Added a client info cvar named authl containing player's auth name when authenticated #35
    Unlocked the download speed of map packs #44
    Fixed dmaHD entering an infinite loop on certain maps #34
    Made the reconnect command work across a client restart #40
    Fixed the forcesub broadcast message #50
    Fixed bomb plant time crashing the server #52
    Fixed tell command not targeting the correct user #19
    Fixed medkit icon not appearing or randomly flickering #17
    Fixed third person mode persisting in sub #43
    Fixed Client 0 getting the kill on certain bleed outs #78

    - Sun, 14 Sep 2014

  • Signups For Urban Zone's New Season- Urban Terror News

    There goes another summer, and with it, some classic UrbanTerror clan wars are consigned to memory. However, when one good thing comes to an end, another must replace it! And with that, the Urban-Zone crew are delighted to announce the new Urban-Zone League Season!

    Season 22/15/7 promises to be another occasion that highlights the UrbanTerror competitive calendar! Signups are open now, and until 24/09/14 so make sure your team is enrolled and ready to play!

    An added bonus for this season sees the inaugural event hosted on the new version of UrbanTerror 4.2.019! A feature included in this version of the game is the new Freeze Tag mode! So don't forget to test it out and get practising before its inclusion in future competitions!

    As always the Urban-Zone League welcomes new and existing teams to join their diverse roster of competitors for the upcoming season. In the best of our capacities, we hope to provide live coverage of many key games as well as prompting debate over shock results and key games from the world of UrT!

    Divisions will once again be supervised by experienced league Administrators and Referees who are always willing to lend a hand and answer any questions that you may have, they can be reached via the PM function on the site, or through the Quakenet IRC channel #Urban-Zone

    Leagues and Division Supervisors will be revealed in due course!

    Find more information regarding the comming season on www.urban-zone.org

    Happy Fragging! - Mon, 08 Sep 2014

  • All Star Event- Urban Terror News
    Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome, bem-vindo, witajcie, benvenuti to the All-Star champions!

    Another season over for the Urban Zone League, and another summer on the horizon. However, before all that, the league has decided to bring to us some more!
    Tomorrow evening, the 26th of June at 21 CEST, a streamed show will take place featuring a special match for our All-Star players and the season results.

    How were the players chosen ?
    The league staff has been busy surfing through all the played matches looking for
    players who have demonstrated ‘All-Star’ qualities. This doesn’t mean you’re always finishing top of your team, or to prove yourself the best shooter in Urban Terror. We were looking for individual players who have stood out amongst others, demonstrating individual rounds of skill, or consistent and key performances that have helped their team fight for the victories. It’s not all about shooting, general kindness; helpfulness and sportsmanship have also been considered. So, if you’re amongst their specially selected line-up, congratulations!

    How will it work?
    Rendez-vous tomorrow at 21 to watch not only TS but also the more dynamic, lively and interesting gametype: CTF
    Two maps of each will be played, all of that accompanied with season results announcement and certainly some surprises.

    The event will be streamed and shout casted LIVE on www.twitch.tv/urbanzone or www.urbanterror.info/news/tv/ so we hope to see you all there cheering on your compatriots!

    If you want to find out who are the All-Star players and know more about the event read the original news. - Wed, 25 Jun 2014


Current version (4.1.1)

information The official link for this download page is http://get.urbanterror.info/

urt4 Urban Terror 4.1.1 can run on Quake 3 Arena or on the free ioUrbanTerror. The downloads contain ioUrbanTerror and everything you need to play Urban Terror.

windows xp

4.1.1 for Windows (Self Extracting Zip)

system_windows Windows [1 GB]  md5: d40ba1505f091e5210c9e0513d6cc757

page_white_go ftp UrbanTerror411.exe utwente.nl
page_white_go http UrbanTerror411.exe iourt.com
page_white_go http UrbanTerror411.exe mtc-team.fr
page_white_copy http Download form clubic.com

If you use Vista, you might want to install to another location than ‘Program Files (x86)’.

mac linux

4.1.1 Mac & Linux

system_mac system_linux Mac & Linux [1 GB]  md5: 722c1fea9936593c9ef039bb068cc33b

page_white_go ftp UrbanTerror411.zip utwente.nl
page_white_go http UrbanTerror411.zip iourt.com
page_white_go http UrbanTerror411.zip mtc-team.fr
page_white_go http UrbanTerror411.zip clanurt.es
page_white_copy http Download form clubic.com
page_white_copy http Download form softonic.pl
page_white_copy http Download form softonic.fr
page_white_copy http Download form gamefront.com

Mac OS Mac application: ioUrbanTerror.app Just unzip the zip and make an alias to the ioUrbanTerror application.

Linux Linux 32bits executable: ioUrbanTerror.i386 Linux 64bits executable: ioUrbanTerror.x86_64 You need to make it executable first: right click it, properties and tick the ‘allow execution’ box.

  • Coming Soon!

Story coming Soon!

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