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Transformers Universe

Publisher : Jagex

Status : In Development

Subscription Model :

Release Date : 2012

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Sound Effects : Character Customization : Violence :
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Transformers Universe Overview

Transformers Universe is an upcoming MMORPG by Jagex. The game offers the aspects of a third person shooter element and as well as some elements of a role playing-style game. This game will be a free to play browser-based MMO. The game is based on the popular robot franchise of Transformers. The game revolves a simple story where righteous transformers laboriously mina a quantity of Energon. Transform into your favorite powerful robots like from vehicle to a robot mode. Play and enjoy to this brawler class game and enter the battle environment. The game also features awesome character customization. Players can customize the looks of their characters.


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  • jmec
    February 6, 2013

    I was eagerly wanted to play this game when I heard about it. The movie was awesome and I expect it would be the same with the game. I will look forward for this game and I hope I will not get disappointed.

  • Hazel
    September 19, 2012

    Transformers Universe! Cool graphics, intense gameplay, and who doesn’t want to control starscream? Fly, shoot, transform, hack and slash! Awesome game and i can’t wait to play it.

  • Acidburn
    August 11, 2012

    Finally an upcoming Game that i can wait to play . I am hoping that Transformers universe will deliver the goods for all the transformers fans out there. I hope they bring customization to the game. i am looking forward to this game.

  • merickoy
    August 9, 2012

    Transformers Universe i think this game will totally rocks , i will wait for this game i wish you could upgrade your machines to make it more powerful for battling other players. I am also a fan of Transformers Series and even cartoons so i am really going to wait for this. the best part is its Online i can compete with other players here.

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