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RF Online

Publisher : GamesCampus, Mayn Interactive

Status : Launched

Subscription Model : Free to Play

Release Date : February 24, 2006

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Genre : RPG Guilds : Yes Grind : High
Graphics : 3D High PVP : Yes Population : High
Price : Free PVE : Yes System Requirements : High
Crafting : Yes Originality : High Distribution : Digital Download
Sound Effects : High Character Customization : Low Violence : Medium
Item Mall : Yes Type : Fantasy Platform : Client Based

RF Online Overview

Another popular 3D MMORPG is the game RF Online, which is originally name “Rising Force”. This game is a mixture of science fiction and classical fantasy set in a distant planet in the Novus system. The planet consists of magic together with high technology surroundings. The game has a typical fantasy setting like swords and sorcery. It emphasizes the three-way Race vs. Race vs. Race or also known as RvRvR concept and modern or futuristic technology. RF Online has great musical background, gorgeous graphics, great interface and helpful tutorials. It also has a large player run economy. Engage yourself into the battle between the three races. Defeat all those opposing races and enjoy playing the game with its multiple game competitions.


RF Online Featured Video

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Minimum Requirement Recommended Requirement
CPU Pentium -3 Pentium –4 or over
RAM 256 MB 1G
Graphic card nVIDIA Geforce FX Series, ATI Radeon 9500 or better nVIDIA Gefore 6 or over, ATI Radeon X700 or over
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows XP / VISTA
Hard Disc 6.0 GB or more 6.0 GB or more
Direct X MS Direct X 9.0c or over MS Direct X 9.0c or over
Connection Speed Personal line (Cable, xDSL, FTTH) Personal line (Cable, xDSL, FTTH)
[Start] -> [R] -> Type DXDIAG to check for computer setting.
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Level 1-30: Bellato Specialist Leveling Guide

RF Online: Level 1 – 30 Bellato Specialist Leveling Guide

In RF Online, the Bellato specialist is the most popular class among the four other classes of Bellato. This is because after changing job, Bellato specialist can drive MAU and can be protected by their thick armor. Adding the 110,000 HP to the Bellato specialist often makes them called a BT.

To start with, you must finish the beginner tutorial. After this you will be receiving a weapon which could be a bow or a gun, it depends on your own choice. Newbies are sometimes confused why the system gives the specialist long range weapons. The answer is that specialist are able to make ammunition by using some materials. It’s sad to say that specialist’s long range PT cap is not as high as the ranger’s, causing its attack to be restricted.

When you reach level 30, Bellato specialist have the opportunity to choose to become a Driver and pilot huge mech or to become a Craftsman. As a Driver, you should be training more on your melee PT and must wear warrior armors in order for you to have higher defense. This will keep you from being killed easily while making off the MAU. As a Craftsman, you must focus training your long range PT. You must use the bow or gun and set up a guard tower beside you. Keep pulling monsters and kill them one at a time. When a specialist is born, he usually receive a mining machine and also a small battery. From there you can go mining and only level at night when there are lesser players. Here is the farming guide per level:

Levels 1 to 10

Focus more on killing Wing, Young Flem, and Flem. They are found outside the city. Doing this ensures a soon enough level 4. If you want to try driving MAU, you may choose to train you melee PT. To do this, you must wear a first set of equipment. Try bringing enough HP potions when you go out of the city to level up. Find and kill FlemGuard and Demolis, this will ensure that you reach level 10 easily.

You don’t need to grind your PT hard at these levels. The PT you gained from killing the monsters will be enough for you to wear level 10 equipment. During this levels, there is a higher rate of monsters to drop important items and equipments. That is why you need to try hard to be able to buy 3 bags. After completing the Lunker quest, you will then obtain another bag. Try to focus on mining first, this will make you have enough money to buy enough bags.

Levels 11 to 20

At these levels, you should be concentrating on completing your assigned quests. This is a good trick to save time because while you are doing your quests, you are also leveling up. The quest will reward you with equipments, experience, money and contribution points. The best way to do this is by killing Ratmoth and other monsters (depending to your quest). I have noticed that there are lots of players fighting around because of these quest monsters. Try to join a party to hunt down monsters quickly. The more party members you have, the faster you level. You may choose to level alone, however, but it’s slower than in a party.

Try to train your melee PT and wear warrior equipments so that yon won’t be killed easily. Just like the previous levels. Focus on training melee. You can earn money while leveling up so try to use it to buy HP potions. When monsters drop some very powerful items, it means you’re making a small fortune.

Level 21-30

During these levels, leveling up is a little more difficult. The specialist’s MAU cap will be higher than other classes, and the melee and long range PT are already low, making attack restricted. Try to level up according to your quest. Simply fight the monsters that are only three levels higher than you (not more). This makes sure that you’re fighting the right monster to level fast. There is no need to grind PT. If you have enough PT for wearing level 29 equipment then it is okay. When you reach level 30, you can drive MAU. There should be no problem even though you have nothing on. Remember that the key is the moment you get off MAU, no one will try to make a sneak attack unto you. Train your unit PT in MAU to level fast. You can earn money even if there are fewer dropped items.

By Elizabeth G.

Leveling guide for Ranger

Leveling guide for Ranger in RF Online

This guide is for new players who strive to level up in RF. The first 10 levels are not a problem even for newbies, so there’s no need to write the tips here. The real challenge is from level 11 onwards. Here is a simple guide on how to gain fast experience according to certain levels.

Level 11 to 20

Basically, the most common way to level is to hunt monsters. At these levels you are still pretty weak. You need to find the right monsters in order to level up. First, you must hunt monsters according to your quest order. You must strictly follow your quest order so that you are fighting the right monsters. You will be noticing that most of the levels 11 to 20 monsters are around the nearby outposts. This is helpful because you won’t be wasting your time finding which monsters to kill. Simply fight the monsters that you will find in each outpost. Make sure you already bought some health potions and then try to sell equipments. Find then kill Ratmoth and Splinter on HQ (usually found on the left side) or you can also kill Warbeast and BlockLunker in the upper portion of HQ for experience. Doing this successfully ensures you to level 15. After reaching level 15, you will then be able to use a launcher. It is a more powerful weapon compared to the gun. You can’t use skills, however, unless you previously changed your job. Continue doing this and you will reach level 20 in just few hours.

One thing about Combat Proficiency (PT), your dividing line is level 15. At this level you need to choose the best Combat PT that would benefit or affect your certain character. There are other players who choose using launcher and change to gunner. The choice is yours since it depends on your character. I recommend you use gun then change to scout. Since everything costs, the only choice is for a Ranger to mine ores as much as possible to gain money.

Level 21 to 30

Fastest way to level is by fighting Lava, Snatcher Hurl, and Gaff in the outpost. Continue doing this until you reach level 25. When you reach level 25, stop fighting this monsters as they are already useless and will only waste your time. You’ll notice that your experience gained from killing them is smaller, thus, stalling your level. Your choice will be to go to the four corners of the HQ map and kill some monsters which are at level 30. I suggest you party with other players so that you can level up in Accretia 213 Settlement. Always remember that warriors fight in front while rangers fire guns from behind. You should concentrate your firepower on a single monster and kill them one after another. Avoid being too greedy as this may result to you dying quickly. Pull monsters one at a time.

During these levels, this will be your PT guide. Try to concentrate on your defense PT, set aside your launcher and ranged skills at this time so that you have a higher defense PT and HP. Remember that Ranger is requires a lot of money so you must mine ores if you want to have more money. There are better mines at the central mining area. There you can earn money quickly, but always keep in mind that it requires you to win the mine war. At this levels, you have the choice to buy something for your character. Doing these successfully, you are ensured of level 30 faster than other players.

Here is another thing to remember. You can max PT before leveling. Personally, I won’t suggest this but I’ll just include it here to inform you. This method is usually not use because it is time consuming. The only advantage you get is you will be making a lot of profit due to drop rates on the lower level monsters. Also, there are some pretty nice drops which you can sell or use in the future.

~ By Elizabeth G

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  • Feiathris
    April 23, 2013

    RF Online is a sci-fi game. It has a great graphics. You could choose from 3 different classes. Accretia, Bellato and Cora. I like magic and summon, so I did go to Cora. Acrretia if you want those robots and Bellato is human ang combination of Cora and Accretia. Bellato has this huge Robot that they could ride called “MAU”. Awesome PVP, you could camp enemy low level area to kill them. It was an awesome game that cheaters ruined. You can’t compete anymore with those cheater using damage 1 hit modifiers.

  • ranma1210
    April 20, 2013

    RF online is a unique game, where you can choose 3 different races with its own unique style of fighting, and also the PVP can sometimes be fun, but kinda bores me out.. Still its a very nice game..

  • Alessandro
    March 6, 2013

    RF online is unique in its own way, what really got me hooked on the game is the PVP which can be very fun and intense at times. Graphics and sounds are good. The one thing I hate about the game is, it has too many hackers and botters which really tips the balance of the game.

  • DJH
    March 5, 2013

    I played RF Online because of the the Robots, i really love robots. I like the bellato class because you can buy MAUs. I stop playing the game because of the hacks too many hacks.

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