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Publisher : Atomic Blue Corp

Status : Launched

Subscription Model : Free to Play

Release Date : December 24, 2004

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Genre : RPG Guilds : Yes Grind : High
Graphics : 3D Low PVP : Yes Population : Medium
Price : Free PVE : Yes System Requirements : Medium
Crafting : Yes Originality : Medium Distribution : Digital Download
Sound Effects : Low Character Customization : Medium Violence : Medium
Item Mall : No Type : Fantasy Platform : Client Based

PlaneShift Overview

PlaneShift is a cross-platform 3D fantasy MMORPG. It is a free to install and play game. The game PlaneShift takes place inside a colossal stalactite called Yliakum. Start your journey in the main city named Hydlaa with twelve playable races, with their own homelands and characteristics each of the races. Gain unlimited skills, ranks, abilities and items for free. Explore the virtual fantasy world and interact with other players or with the creatures around. Defeat monsters, gain magical items and cast the spells. Players can also twist their minds by solving different quests and puzzles. The game client features 3D graphics and good sound quality for an immersive experience. Chat with other players and gain new friends. PlaneShift has a drag-n-drop feature between world and inventory. Players can also build their houses, castles and realm. Live as an adventurer or as a normal citizen and earn rewards.


PlaneShift Featured Video

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Follow these 3 Steps to Play !

1) Review the minimum system requirements (at the end of our about page).

2) Register a new account. Accounts are completely free and there are no hidden costs, premium accounts or similar.

3) Download the correct installer for your platform (listed below)

Important Note: Update your video card drivers! With old drivers, the client will most likely crash or give you very strange visual artifacts.

Download Methods

With the increasing demand for PlaneShift downloads and with the client getting larger due to additional content, there is the need to find a smarter way to make our files available to you. For these reasons we are using a technology called BitTorrent. Using this FREE software, you will download PlaneShift files from other users, instead of directly from our main site. It’s important to note that only the exact original file published by us is delivered to your machine, thanks to validity checks done by a central uTorrent program hosted on our servers.

Please save our bandwidth and use uTorrent if you can.

If you have any questions, please review the FAQ in the Documentation section of the site.

uTorrent links

Download uTorrent (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Windows (32 bit): PlaneShift-v0.5.9.1.exe torrent
Windows (64 bit): PlaneShift-v0.5.9.1-x64.exe torrent
Linux (32 bit): PlaneShift-v0.5.9.1-x86 torrent
Linux (64 bit): PlaneShift-v0.5.9.1-x64 torrent
Mac OSX: PlaneShift-v0.5.9.1.dmg torrent (10.4 or above)

Direct Download links

Windows Linux Mac OSX FreeBSD Source Code


NOTICE: In some cases the psclient.exe program remains in memory even if you close the client, so you will NOT be able to update all files while it is running. Open the task manager and ensure to end all psclient.exe processes before updating. We hope to resolve this issue shortly.

Windows Client (908,945,197 bytes) (32 bit) :

Mirror Host Mirror Location Client Version Link
osmmo.org France Download France Flag
Frubar Germany Download Germany Flag
PS German Community Germany Download Sweden Flag
Redlem U.S.A. Download USA Flag
Do you want to be a mirror? Contact us!

Windows Client (911,538,898 bytes) (64 bit) :

If you don’t know what 64 bit is , please download the 32 bit version!

Mirror Host Mirror Location Client Version Link
osmmo.org France Download French Flag
Frubar Germany Download Germany Flag
PS German Community Germany Download Sweden Flag
Redlem U.S.A. Download USA Flag
Do you want to be a mirror? Contact us!

If after the download you experience problems in running the installer program, be sure that the size of the file you have matches the size above.

md5 checksum:
Tip: You can check if the file you downloaded is exactly the same as the one we have here downloading this tool.

PlaneShift-v0.5.9.1.exe: 275969bb1511f39364d24ec207aac49e
PlaneShift-v0.5.9.1-x64.exe: 6bdaa4fd88e225584c472efe1ce43d74

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