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Publisher : NCsoft

Status : Shut Down

Subscription Model : Free to Play

Release Date : September 3, 1998

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Genre : RPG Guilds : Yes Grind : Medium
Graphics : 2D High PVP : Yes Population : Low
Price : Free PVE : Yes System Requirements : Low
Crafting : No Originality : Low Distribution : Digital Download
Sound Effects : Character Customization : Low Violence : Medium
Item Mall : Yes Type : Fantasy Platform : Client Based

Lineage Overview

Lineage is an action-fantasy MMORPG with impressive graphics for its time. Choose among five offered classes; the gallant knight, a resourceful wizard, a crafty elf, a cunning dark elf, or a revered prince or princess. Prove your ability and gain recognition by completing the in-game quests. Enjoy the game ambiance which has guarded castles, perilous forests, sinister fens and valleys filled with the undead. Have fun with the great adventures around the magnificent world of Lineage. Travel around the world and kill fierce monsters that have been roaming freely.


Lineage Featured Video

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Ready to start exploring the world of Lineage? Download the full version of Lineage and start playing today!

To begin playing Lineage, please check the System Requirements link above before downloading.

Download Locations:

Note: Please uninstall any previous versions of Lineage before reinstalling.

PC USERS: Please make sure to clear the contents of your Temp directory and uninstall any previous versions of Lineage before reinstalling; the default Lineage client unzip location for Windows is “C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp”.

Windows Lineage_Tikal_Antharas_Update.zip Complete installation file – 2.27 GB Posted: 11/12/2010 NCsoft West Seattle, WA – US

Macintosh Lineage_Tikal_Antharas_Update.dmg Complete installation file – 2.36 GB Posted: 11/12/2010 NCsoft West Seattle, WA – US

Don’t want to risk an interruption while you’re downloading Lineage?

We recommend using a program that allows you to resume downloads if you disconnect.

Windows GetRight – http://www.getright.com


SEIZURE WARNING — Please Read Prior to Playing

A very small percentage of individuals may experience seizures when exposed to certain light patterns, flashing lights, or flashing images. Children and teenagers are more susceptible to seizure than adults, but even those with no history of seizure or epilepsy could experience them while playing or watching video games.

Symptoms of seizures include: lightheadedness, altered vision, jerking or shaking of the extremities, loss of awareness, confusion, twitching, or full convulsions. Convulsions can lead to other injuries by causing an individual to fall off of a chair and/or strike objects nearby.

If you or anyone in your family has an epileptic condition or history of seizures, consult your physician prior to playing this game — you could have an undiagnosed condition. If you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms of a seizure while playing STOP PLAYING AND CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY. Parents should ensure their children are not experiencing symptoms.

In order to reduce the risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures, you should play NCsoft games in a well-lit room while you are alert and awake. Avoid poorly-lit rooms and playing when fatigued.

  • Dual-platform: Play on either Mac or PC in the same online world.
  • Free software! Download the software from our website.
  • Free updates! Grow with the game: explore new territories and battle new monsters.
  • Easy to use: The mouse-driven interface and updated guidebooks make learning Lineage a breeze.
  • Quests: Attempt the in-game quests to prove your ability and gain recognition.
  • Pet control system: Tame pets to help you hunt; manage them well or they’ll go wild!
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What is Lineage?


In the medieval world of Lineage™, choose to be a gallant knight, a resourceful wizard, a crafty elf, a cunning dark elf, or a revered prince or princess.

Play surrounded by guarded castles, perilous forests, sinister fens and valleys filled with the undead. Slay ferocious monsters unlike any known to man or elf.


Discover the massive and ever-expanding world of Lineage.

  • Journey to the fiery pits and rocky crags in the lair of the dragon, Valakas
  • Descend into dark, dank dungeons and conquer monsters — living and dead — for treasure
  • Explore the watery depths of the Kingdom of Eva and fight creatures of the deep
  • Travel to cities to replenish supplies, swig ale and boast of your victories at taverns and inns
  • Fight and win at the sides of your pledgemates

The world of Lineage is continuously growing, making an ever-changing game world.

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  • Feiathris
    April 22, 2013

    Lineage is an action fantasy game, it only has limited classes about 4 of them. You will love the sieges, war and the PK system. One of the most annoying thing on huge game like these are the BOTS, it ruins the game. Really it does.

  • DJH
    March 5, 2013

    My character Lineage II is a dwarf, a craftsman for my friends. The map of this game is rather huge, and I always end up getting lost. Walking between the maps takes a lot of time so I find it a boring sometimes.

  • Hazel
    September 17, 2012

    I didn’t really appreciate Lineage. Although the graphics and the sounds are good, there were something in the gameplay that is not quite there. It feels undeveloped and the never ending grinding can take its toll.

  • Acidburn
    August 10, 2012

    Lineage was a good game but i never liked it. Although i love playing the new one. there were various character classes and lots of different items to choose from. Overall not as good as the new one. But now its been shut down.

  • merickoy
    August 8, 2012

    Lineage well nice graphic and wide area of monsters lots of them , nice town and lots of monsters to kill , here you can choose from different character classes then upgrade them from different jobs. what is nice about this game if the community , partying with other players to kill bosses for unique items. skills are great here very unique combinations for PVE and PVP.

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