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Publisher : Ankama Games

Status : Launched

Subscription Model : Free to Play

Release Date : September 01, 2005

Mac Compatible : Yes

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Genre : RPG Guilds : Yes Grind : Medium
Graphics : 2D High PVP : Yes Population : High
Price : Free with Premium PVE : Yes System Requirements : Low
Crafting : Yes Originality : Medium Distribution : Digital Download
Sound Effects : Medium Character Customization : Low Violence : Medium
Item Mall : No Type : Fantasy Platform : Client Based

Dofus Overview

Dofus is a flash based, fantasy MMORPG where gamers are in control of a avatar who they navigate in the third person. Level up and gain experience points by completing quests and defeating monsters and enemies. With new levels and experience come new skills and equipment as well as the option to upgrade spells. With fourteen character classes and a variety of professions to choose from as you level up, the options in this game are limitless. With turn based combat and bright intriguing graphics, Dofus is a great addition to the world of MMORPGs. Dofus is a fascinating MMORPG, mainly in part to the option in classes and professions.


Dofus Featured Video

  • Mono-account server: login issues- DOFUS, the strategic MMORPG
    Following the opening of the mono-account server, you have been many to give us your feedback about login issues.
    Let's review the situation.  

    Some of you are currently experiencing login issues and for this we apologise.

    Please rest assured that our team is doing all they can to restore your access to the servers as soon as possible.

    The issue originates with the control protocols we have put in place in order to guarantee your mono-account gaming experience.

    This phenomenon, added to the connection overload (you are currently dozens of thousands simultaneously trying to log into the mono-account servers) has triggered huge perturbations. 

    An initial fix has been applied at 15:30 today (Paris Time) and has improved the situation for the players trying to access the regular servers.

    As for accessing the mono-account servers, Ilyzaelle has been saturated since its first minutes online, so we advise you to turn your attention towards the Fraktal server.

    We thank you for your patience and we will keep you updated under this post all day, as the situation unfolds. - Tue, 17 Oct 2017

  • Update 2.44: Tackling The Mono-Account!- DOFUS, the strategic MMORPG
    Update 2.44 is online! You're finally going to be able to test the great new feature in this patch, which we've been teasing you with in the latest edition of Gamakna: the mono-account server.  

    Although the arrival of a mono-account server in DOFUS is not the only change you'll see in this update, it's definitely the most important one, and the one that generates the most questions and interest. If you are out of the loop, the answers to your first questions were published on our FAQ a few weeks ago.
    Our devs have provided other explanations in person in the "Dev Questions" video.

    But now, the best way of finding out about this new feature is quite simply to play it for yourself and form you own opinion! - Tue, 17 Oct 2017

  • Ambassador's Round Table: Behind the scene- DOFUS, the strategic MMORPG
    For the first time ever, we have given you the possibility to directly influence the orientation of the 2018 calendar by telling us your 10 most important wishes for DOFUS. It is now time to take a look at the first round of feedback!  

    We tasked 10 of you to act as Ambassadors for the community and give us a review of all your feedback. Yesterday, on Thursday, October 12, we met with them in our headquarters in Roubaix so that they could present your wishes to our team.

    After a brief tour of the headquarters, we got down to serious business. The day’s activities were documented on our Snapchat account (Dofus_of). Through those pictures and videos your Ambassadors showed the world that they didn't come to Roubaix empty-handed, but with pages upon pages filled with your wishes!

    To create these documents they sorted through over 1,700 entries on the forums and only kept the most frequently repeated requests! 

    Kolossium, AvA, dungeons, classes, balance, functionalities, new features, ergonomics… All of these topics were touched upon at one point or another during the day. After 4 hours of debate, a good meal, hundreds of post-its and just as many stickers; the dust finally started to settle down. 

    We are now working on the penultimate step: coming up with the final list of suggestions that will be submitted to all our players to vote on, created by taking into account your feedback from the forums and relayed to us by your Ambassadors. 

    Next week, we will create an in-game survey so that each and every one of you may vote for the suggestions that you think are the most important. This will help to decide which suggestions should have priority. - Fri, 13 Oct 2017

  • #DWS: Days 9 & 10 – Recap- DOFUS, the strategic MMORPG
    Impressive matches and awesome performances in the DWS! Did you miss this weekend's hostilities? No problem: We're here to catch you up!  

    The players gave us a real treat this week! Surprises, damage, breathtaking matches, turnarounds, and even a network of traps: all aspects of the game were on display! 

    Best Player of the Week: Silver-Drunks

    For the second time in the competition, Silver-Drunks has been named player of the week.  

    Still in the race for first place, the TEAMJBZZ racked up two beautiful victories this weekend. 

    Sunday night, facing off with Free Bowisse, fresh from two back-to-back victories, an explosive match was expected, with no less than four classes intended to inflict damage: Ecaflip, Foggernaut, Iop and Huppermage. The latter, played by our player of the week, surprised us all with huge water-type damage. With a solid bit of help – and Precipitation – from his teammate Leaiks in the third turn, he didn't give Eqohh's Ecaflip a chance and sealed the outcome of the match.

    We were already familiar with TEAMJBZZ's strategy of using the Ecaflip Wheel of Fortune spell on Foggernauts. But on Monday, they took it even further and used the spell against the fire Feca played by Silver-Drunks. Result: impressive Necrotick Bow strikes. Despite the xNrjx players' excellent showing – they could have won – xNrjx ultimately fell to the heavy damage. 

    Even though their standings were threatened by Free Bowisse's and TCP CPT's comebacks, TEAMJBZZ didn't panic and racked up six points this week, bringing them even closer to qualifying. 

    The Rankings

    Only four days to go before the end of the championship. Twelve potential points for each team. And everything – well, almost – could still change. 

    In the Lead: Still in the lead, the teams Allister Zoo (25 points) and M Bad Gones (24 points) both won both of their matches this weekend, locking in their spots in the top four. Now, the challenge for these two teams is to end the championship in the top two spots to face potentially weaker opponents in the semi-final. In third place, TeamJbzz (21 points) is lying in wait to steal their spots. But don't take your eyes off the teams that could catch up. 

    The Fight for Fourth Place: Unless TEAMJBZZ stumbles, there's only one spot left in the top four – and four teams itching to earn it. The team in the best place to keep it is TCP CPT (15 points). The only team in the middle of the rankings to have won a match this week, they took advantage of Free Bowisse's (12 points) and Out of Control's (10 points) defeats to widen the gap.  Finally, CB4gang (9 points) is back in the running for qualification! 

    At the Bottom: Despite their first victory last week, xNrjx (3 points) wasn't able to take home a win this weekend. The players' game is excellent, however, and all they're missing is a tiny sliver of success to rack up points. It's not over for them as they still have four matches to get back in the swing and catch up to CB4gang or Out of Control. In addition, they'll get the chance to face off with them directly – matches that already promise to be very close.

    Coming Up

    As they do every week, our team of dedicated streamers will be waiting for you at 19:00 (Paris Time) on Sunday and Monday for live coverage of all the matches!

    Sunday, 10/15:

    • 19:00 (Paris Time): ALLISTER ZOO vs. FREE BOWISSE
    • 20:00 (Paris Time): M BAD GONES vs. OUT OF CONTROL
    • 21:00 (Paris Time): XNRJX vs. CB4GANG
    • 22:00 (Paris Time): TEAMJBZZ vs. TCP CPT

    Monday, 10/16:

    • 19:00 (Paris Time): TCP CPT vs. M BAD GONES
    • 20:00 (Paris Time): ALLISTER ZOO vs. XNRJX
    • 21:00 (Paris Time): OUT OF CONTROL vs. TEAMJBZZ
    • 22:00 (Paris Time): FREE BOWISSE vs. CB4GANG

    Don't forget you can head to our e-Sport site for all the information on the championship, such as team sheets, the upcoming match schedule, past results, and the championship rankings updated live. You can also watch action replays of all the matches and draft phases played by each team, and see statistics such as the most-played classes per team and the number of opponents killed by each player during the competition!

    - Fri, 13 Oct 2017

  • 30% Off Living Items- DOFUS, the strategic MMORPG
    From today through October 15th, take advantage of 30% off the regular price of living items. But that's not all: the living Shushivin Set is back! Don't miss out!   

    "To be a lone adventurer is to be alone." This single quote, taken from the writings of an illustrious but anonymous Iop thinker on the Twelvian condition, rejects the paradox of the reclusive warrior. 

    Happily, the onward march of technology continues to improve the comforts enjoyed by adventurers, and now they can even procure living sets to relieve their oh-so-lonesome existence. The modern Twelvian can chit-chat away with their boots or their hat without anyone thinking them mad. Okay, you might still think them a little mad… But who cares!

    You too will fall for these living items that are sure to provide the love and attention you're missing! These items are currently 30% off and will be through October 15th!

    More good news: the Shushivin Set is permanently back in the Shop. 

    Don't miss out! - Wed, 11 Oct 2017

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  • Hazel
    September 23, 2012

    Dofus online is a cute MMO where you get to choose from 12 characters. The game has a lot of quest but with mediocre graphics. The game itself is very slow though and tends to get boring.

  • Explose
    August 8, 2012

    Dofus is so funny , for a flash based MMORPG it can be considered as a succes , the avatars was well disgned and the variety of classes was great , upgrading the spell is maybe the best part of the game well done Ankama Games

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