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Publisher : Ankama Games

Status : Launched

Subscription Model : Free to Play

Release Date : September 01, 2005

Mac Compatible : Yes

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Genre : RPG Guilds : Yes Grind : Medium
Graphics : 2D High PVP : Yes Population : High
Price : Free with Premium PVE : Yes System Requirements : Low
Crafting : Yes Originality : Medium Distribution : Digital Download
Sound Effects : Medium Character Customization : Low Violence : Medium
Item Mall : No Type : Fantasy Platform : Client Based

Dofus Overview

Dofus is a flash based, fantasy MMORPG where gamers are in control of a avatar who they navigate in the third person. Level up and gain experience points by completing quests and defeating monsters and enemies. With new levels and experience come new skills and equipment as well as the option to upgrade spells. With fourteen character classes and a variety of professions to choose from as you level up, the options in this game are limitless. With turn based combat and bright intriguing graphics, Dofus is a great addition to the world of MMORPGs. Dofus is a fascinating MMORPG, mainly in part to the option in classes and professions.


Dofus Featured Video

  • #DWS: the qualifiers are nearly complete- DOFUS, the strategic MMORPG
    32 teams competing for just 8 championship slots: single-elimination matches in the DOFUS WORLD SERIES start on August 24th!   

    The moment has finally come! After 17 rounds of fierce battles, we finally have our 32 teams who have qualified to go on to single-elimination matches. In this last stage before the championship, each team will have to get rid of two of its rivals in order to qualify!


    Format changes

    The round of 32 and the round of 16 will see certain changes to the format of the battles. The first and most important is the use of a draft system. As a little reminder to the newcomers out there, this system means that teams will have to say goodbye to the classes they originally chose. From now on, the teams will have to go through a draft phase before each battle, by following the steps below: 

    • A forbids a class
    • B forbids a class
    • A chooses a class
    • B chooses a class
    • B forbids a class
    • A forbids a class
    • B forbids a class
    • A forbids a class
    • B chooses a class
    • A chooses a class
    • A forbids a class
    • B forbids a class
    • A chooses a class
    • B chooses a class

    This draft phase will determine the class composition of each team.

    But that's not all! To ensure the fairest possible result for each of these encounters, and to minimize the luck factor, the round of 32 will be played "best two out of three", while the round of 16 will be "best three out of five".  It's a great way to keep the fun going a little while longer for us spectators!

    Huge stakes

    The DWS qualifiers started out with 1500 teams. 17 rounds later, just 32 of them are still in the running on their way to the championship. It's safe to say that for the remaining teams, the tournament is already a success. And at the same time, their desire to see it all the way through to the end is surely stronger than ever.

    Remember that the top 8 teams in the tournament will share the cash prize… a prize that still continues to grow. With just two confrontations to go before reaching the championship and clinching a part of the reward for themselves, our 32 teams are extremely motivated, and ready to put on a performance that's worthy of the high stakes! 


    Stream the competition

    Which 8 teams will qualify for the championship? Have you already started to make your predictions? Maybe you have a few favorites? Regardless, don't miss the show on our partners' streams!

    • August 24th at 20:00 (Paris Time): Round of 32 
    • August 27th at 18:00 (Paris Time): Round of 16



    - Wed, 23 Aug 2017

  • The Tale of the Ivory Dofus, Chapter 1- DOFUS, the strategic MMORPG
    The story I am about to tell begins in a far-off time when myths and legends clashed. The origins of the Ivory Dofus are manifold and complex; some our knowledge of them has come down to us in a fragmented form, and some has been distorted by the thirst for glory — or the shame — of those who have told their tale.  

    Our story, like many others that end in tragedy, begins with an obsession. When the god Sadida first presented Dardondakal, the white dragon, with the doll he had made especially for him, the dragon immediately formed a bond of unconditional love with it. From the fusion of their two spirits, the Ivory Dofus was born. An object so powerful, so perfect, that the dragon could gaze upon it for days as a reflection of his own perfection, polishing it every morning and admiring it for hours on end, to the point that he eventually lost track of the very notion of time itself. For more than 200 years, he coddled and fussed over his egg… until, under dark and mysterious circumstances, it came into the possession of the first guild of the Guardians of the Primordial Dofus.

    Some time later, Ereziah found himself needing to borrow the Ivory Dofus from his Guardian in order to thwart Djaul's wicked plans. The cost of forcing the demon to his knees was a steep one: sacrificing the harmony that had once existed among the Dofus. It was during this time that Lumino was created, the offspring of a Minifoux and the Ivory Dofus. Together with the other Multimen, his mission was to fight back against Shadow, who sought to utterly annihilate the universe. Ereziah perished in the battle, dragging Shadow with him into a great pit, and the Multimen were separated for 500 years.

    Only rumors and lost legends told of what happened after that… at least for a time. What we do know is that Rykke Errel sliced Bolgrot open from end to end, and that Bolgrot succumbed to his injuries. The Brotherhood of the Guardians of the Dofus discovered the 6 Primordial Dofus in the beast's entrails. The series of events by which Bolgrot had come into possession of this ultimate power is unknown at present. Nevertheless, the dragon eggs had found their way back to their guardians.

    Two years after these events, our story tells of a new tragedy. Dardondakal, creator of the Ivory Dofus and the very dragon with whom our story first began, breathed his final breath, slain by the blade of a dark being known as Hyrkul, champion of Brakmar, both loved and feared by those around him. His strength and determination were matched only by the darkness of the beast that had given him his power. Possessed by a black dragon just before the first Crimson Aurora, Hyrkul got the upper hand on Dardondakal.  The white dragon lost his life and his physical form. His soul, however, traveled through time and space to fuse with his proudest creation. Dardondakal's soul was finally at one with his Dofus. The dragon had been reunited with the object of his obsession…

    Magus Ax

    [End of Chapter 1] - Wed, 23 Aug 2017

  • Dungeon Rusher Rewind #3- DOFUS, the strategic MMORPG
    In May, you were able to get up close and personal with the Dragon Pig - again. Those who weren't put off by that can sign up for rewound three, with a creature whose personal hygiene is just as good: the Bworker! Head to his dungeon on August 26th and 27th!   

    The Dungeon Rusher Rewind bell is ringing loud and clear! For those who haven't heard, this monthly get-together allows you to try (or retry) your luck at the most asked for, most popular Dungeon Rushers of 2016!  No need to panic: there will still be new Dungeon Rushers appearing this year too. 

    This month, you'll be facing the fabulously gross Bworker

    Legend has it that his name comes from the noise people make when they see him for the first time. It's a strange mixture of "Byeurk" and "Horror". If you want to get things off to a good start (and have a blast at the same time) turn up and face him between 00:01 (Paris Time) on Saturday, August 26th and 23:59 (Paris Time) on Sunday, August 27th

    On top of that, if you missed it the first time around, there's a brand new Bworkler to be won! 

    *Offer valid once per character per account. Monsters killed in arenas are not counted. You will get the shield as soon as the boss is defeated.  - Tue, 22 Aug 2017

  • #DWS: The Results So Far- DOFUS, the strategic MMORPG
    Since it launched on July 30 on the tournament server, the DOFUS World Series has been going strong. Now that we're 12 rounds in, it's a good time to look at current stats and rankings, and also share a few side notes!  

    Before going into the second set of rounds – well-rested after this long weekend of the 15th – let's do a quick rundown of the competition. Of course we have to start with the cash prize total, which continues to rise:


    Initial Figures

    Before we get into the actual fights, we first wanted to share a very interesting table made by JoL-Dofus. It breaks down all 4,500 DWS participants by class.

    It's not at all surprising to see classes like the Iop, the Cra, the Eniripsa, or the Ecaflip in the lead, since they're among the most popular classes in the game. The Pandawa owes its position to being an excellent placer and hitter – it pairs up nicely with a Iop or an Eniripsa, for example, of which there are many. 
    Nor is it a shock to look at the bottom of the ranking and see the generally least played classes in DOFUS, as well as the more difficult ones to get a handle on. The Xelor is a good example of this: very few people have played this class in the tournament, and yet, if mastered, it can do wonders. Another example is the Ouginak; despite low numbers due to its recent introduction into the World of Twelve, it has been quite successful in this tournament!

    If you'd like more information about the win/loss ratios of the various classes represented in the tournament, below are the statistics taken from our official stream, OneShot.

    And because we all love numbers, here's some more for you:

    • 4,123: the number of official matches played on the tournament server.
    • 469: the number of teams that didn't participate in the first round. "Way to go!"
    • 1,057: the number of match forms not filled out or incorrectly filled out for round 1. That leads into the next number.
    • 45: the number of minutes that round 2 was delayed. That is also the total number of minutes the tournament has been delayed. 
    • 97: the number of teams disqualified for multi-accounting. And that wasn't without being warned it was against the rules!


    The Rankings

    Rarely have the qualifying rounds been this close at this stage in one of our competitions. After 12 rounds, although the gap between 1st and 5th is 6 points, there's only a 3-point difference between 5th and 70th! And when you consider that only the top 32 will qualify for the single-elimination matches, it becomes clear that a great deal of teams stand a chance!

    At the front of the pack is OOC North, with an impressive score of 12 wins in as many matches. As semifinalists in the DOFUS Cup in March, and as of now the only undefeated team in DWS, it goes without saying they're a favorite to qualify for the championship. The team that won the DOFUS Cup, Orgie Animale, is currently at 7th place. More generally, most of the favorites to win have done as well as expected, and almost all of them are still in the running! It's shaping up to be a real nail-biter!

    Stream the Competition

    So, which 32 teams do you think will qualify for the single-elimination matches? Will we be surprised, or will we see the usual suspects make it to the finals? These questions will start to get answered this Sunday at 14:00 (Paris Time), when our partners begin live-streaming! 


    - Fri, 18 Aug 2017

  • Spend Real Money, Get Real Powerful- DOFUS, the strategic MMORPG
    Iops are known for being impish and for thinking about fighting… although "think" may be a strong word. And when they go wild, they unleash the infamous fatal blow! A move their enemies don't recover from. Feel like trying it out? Well, you'll get the Iop Fatal Blow for free when you use real currency to buy something from the Shop!  

    Take advantage of this offer to deliver a blow that's both effective and dramatic: until Sunday, August 20th (23:59 Paris Time), the Iop Fatal Blow is free when you buy anything from the Shop using cash – no matter the total! - Fri, 18 Aug 2017

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Story coming Soon!

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  • Hazel
    September 23, 2012

    Dofus online is a cute MMO where you get to choose from 12 characters. The game has a lot of quest but with mediocre graphics. The game itself is very slow though and tends to get boring.

  • Explose
    August 8, 2012

    Dofus is so funny , for a flash based MMORPG it can be considered as a succes , the avatars was well disgned and the variety of classes was great , upgrading the spell is maybe the best part of the game well done Ankama Games

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