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Publisher : Daimonin

Status : Launched

Subscription Model : Free to Play

Release Date : February 01, 2005

Mac Compatible : Yes

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Genre : RPG Guilds : No Grind : High
Graphics : 2D Low PVP : Yes Population : Medium
Price : Free PVE : Yes System Requirements : Low
Crafting : No Originality : High Distribution : Digital Download
Sound Effects : Low Character Customization : Low Violence : Medium
Item Mall : Yes Type : Fantasy Platform : Client Based

Daimonin Overview

Daimonin is a free-to-play fantasy based MMORPG. This game, despite its negative reviews is excellent for any dedicated game player. Although not for everyone, those who play this game frequently happen to love it. With developers working hard every day with constant updates and additions, this game never becomes complacent. Although its two-dimensional graphics haven’t had rave reviews, it’s interface is user friendly and easy to navigate. Each player becomes a map wizard, creating their own maps to upload for the rest of the gaming community to participate in. With its highly social quality, this game is a great game for the beginning MMORPG player that wants to try a beginner’s game that requires little game play experience.


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Daimonin Featured Video


Downloads: Client

Daimonin is an open source project. The cross-platform source code for the (2D) client is written in C, is licensed under the GPL v2 and (should :)) compile cleanly on at least Windows and Linux.

Other platforms, such as Mac OS and Free BSD, are theoretically supported but we currently have no devs to test or maintain such ports.

Porting the code to other (sensible) platforms should be relatively straightforward.

There are two ‘branches’ of the source code:

  • Stable: People who just want to play the game with minimal hassle should go for the stable release. This is currently version 0.10.5.
  • Development: People who want to help the developers by testing and providing feedback on the latest features should go for the development release. This is currently version 0.10.6.


WINDOWS These executable clients support ME, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7. The client is reported to still work under 98, and may even work under 95 (but it’s unlikely).

It probably also works under Wine (it used to anyway).


It will install on your computer and automatically update itself when a new stable release is made.


Please read the file ReadMe.txt in the zip first! This is currently revision 6730.

It does not install (just unzip to where you like and run the daimonin.exe) and will never update itself. So you can happily run it side by side with a stable installation without problems.


LINUX This is a script (CLI and GTK versions available) to download, compile, and install the client with minimal technical input from the user.

It explicitly supports (recentish) versions of ArchLinux, Debian, Fedora, (K)Ubuntu, and openSuse, and may work on other distros.

It should work equally well on 32 and 64 bit architectures.


The script and various information about it can be obtained from http://daimonin.elwin013.com.


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