Early Adopters Learn First Details of Healing in the New MMO that has Gone Global

Visionary Realms, Inc. has early fans of the newly announced Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen clamoring with excitement as the game’s first class was revealed today – The Cleric.

From the Kickstarter Cleric Page:

The Cleric is battle-ready priest devoted to spreading the influence of his or her pantheon while adventuring within the wilds of Terminus. Armed with weapons and abilities of divine might, the cleric performs benevolent deeds upon those in need and keeps his allies from the clutches of death. In Terminus, where the reach of a pantheon has been met, the cleric goes forth to act as a harbinger of faith.”

The Cleric was revealed earlier today to Pantheon‘s 1,100+ backers. Visionary Realms plans to reveal an average of two classes per week over the Kickstarter campaign’s 40-day run, which has already earned in excess of $136,000 in crowdfunding since its launch Monday.

For further information about the game, visit the Kickstartar page at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1588672538/pantheon-rise-of-the-fallen. For more information about Visionary Realms Inc., visit http://pantheonrotf.com.

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