Hong Kong–Worldwide game publisher Gamerocks is happy to announce that City of Steam-Gamerocks is live at 6pm pacific time! Utilizing Unity 3D engine, this game has fabulous graphics although being browser-based. Players can craft and customize their items with a unique weapon and equipment enhancement system in a fast-paced combat. City of Steam will engage players with an amazing story featuring several factions, zones, quests, and monsters.

Website: www.cos.gamerocks.com

FB Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/cityofsteamgamerocks

In City of Steam players can explore the game’s central CITY and take on dungeons solo or with friends. City of Steam has a steampunk setting and features an action combat system that balances real-time and strategy.

Character Customization

The game has four classes and ten races to choose from, each offering greater variety to your customization.

Steampunk Influenced World

You will get a strong Steampunk feeling from this title. You could travel by steam train to various locations in a heavily steampunk influenced world.

PvP Mode

A variety of PVP centric missions could offer different challenges for you and your fellow players at dungeon entrance.

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