NEVERDIE Studios announces today that new sign-ups to the free-to-play ROCKtropia Virtual World will receive a Free Flying Broom stick when they are born on the planet. The Broom Sticks have already proven to be a hit throughout the Multi World Entropia Universe, fetching as much as $30 USD inside the in-game public auctions.

Jon “NEVERDIE” Jacobs, founder of ROCKtropia, said, “The Flying Broom Sticks were originally designed just as a treat for our existing users on ROCKtropia with its zombie apocalypse/urban pop culture-inspired theme, but players from other games, even the sci-fi ones, have gone bananas over them and are exporting them to their Alien Worlds… it’s hilarious to see the Flying Broom Sticks flying low over zombie hordes and parked next to Tanks, Vtols and Hovercraft. Everyone is claiming the Flying Broom Sticks handle the best.”

The Broom Sticks can be claimed by anyone creating a free avatar at this week. The game is a free-to-play, FPS-style sandbox MMO with no subscription fees, but players have the chance to make real money.

To see screenshots from the game, visit and

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