Magic Barrage Beta Key Giveaway

GamingClimax is giving away Gift Packs for the free to play, pixel-themed action-shooter Magic Barrage by R2Games.

The Gift Pack Includes:

  • Star Soul Stone*2
  • Iron Soul Stone*2
  • Water of Mystery*2
  • Backpack Expansion Scroll*2
  • Storage Expansion Scroll*2
About Magic Barrage

Long ago, there arose a great evil named Crassus. Formerly a revered hero, he wielded a mysterious weapon that could rend souls apart, but became twisted and corrupted from the very power he held. He grew to hate humanity, sending forth legions of demons and evil spirits to destroy the very people he once protected…

Centuries later, very few bastions of hope remain. It is up to you, as descendant of ancient heroes, to face Crassus and his countless minions in battle – To crush them once and for all, and bring peace back to a tormented world!

Redemption Instructions:
  1. Receive a key by entering your GamingClimax username and password below.
  2. Find the NPC Emily.
  3. Click Exchange Activation Code.
  4. Type your code in the blank, then click Go.
  5. All done!
  • Each key can only be used once.

Obtain a key below by entering your GamingClimax Username and Password.
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