Not content with the archer class having a devastating advantage in ranged combat, Developer TQ Digital Entertainment, has revealed the archer’s secret identity.  The oriental assassin promises to be a force of reckoning with its flying blades of death.  Transforming an archer into this new class after being promotion at level 40 gives the class another leg of life and long-time players can look forward to learning the nuances of this unique class.

Equipping an archer with a throwing knife will transform them into the mystical oriental assassin.  Beyond the equipped knife, the oriental assassin uses the same gear as the archer.  Unlike many other MMOs, Conquer Online won’t force players to get a new set of armor just for the new class.  It’s considerate of the developers to add a class add-on and not require players to grind for a new set of gear just to accommodate the new play style.  It’s multi-classing with half the work.

Wielding knives and daggers, the oriental assassin rains death from afar thanks to their unique set of skills.  Whether it be PvP or PvE, the oriental assassin is a versatile class in its ability to buff attacks against both multiple and single targets.  Being able to deal massive amounts of damage to multiple targets makes grinding easier as the oriental assassin has the ability to clear large groups of enemies thanks to skills like Dagger Storm and Blistering Wave.  But the oriental assassin is also effective against single targets with skills like Mortal Wound which impales several knives in the vital areas of a target.

Because of the wide array of skills available to the oriental assassin and its ability to switch back and forth with the archer just by equipping a certain weapon, the oriental assassin is a great addition to Conquer Online.  The oriental assassin is a nice reward for long-time archer players and those looking to try something different from some of the other, more traditional, classes Conquer Online has to offer.

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