Ne Zha is the thorn in proverbial lion’s foot. If that lion were an evil dragon deity hell-bent on ruling the world. It would seem that the child-god Ne Zha was born to fight. Standing against the dragon, Ao Kuang, Ne Zha fought through death itself to bring the tyrant down.

Wielding several mystical weapons, Ne Zha is one of the more powerful characters available to Smite players. While half of his abilities are buffs and debuffs, Ne Zha hits with the force of a freight train. Combined with two abilities designed to close the distance between him and enemies, Ne Zha is more than capable of holding a lane on his own.

Ne Zha’s attacks move with a slow, deliberate pace. Each attack queues up another, with a total of four unique melee attacks available. As the attacks progress, the swing time and damage multiply before culminating in a final attack that hits all enemies in the front of him. And when things get too hairy, Ne Zha’s death heals nearby allies every second and increases their protections.

Using Universe Ring Toss, Ne Zha throws his Universe Ring which bounces multiple times amongst enemies it hits. Each bounce deals damage and applies a stacking physical protection debuff and slows enemies. It also applies a movement speed buff that allows the child-god to quickly move in for the kill on his softened enemies. While moving in for the kill, Flaming Spear buffs Ne Zha which grants increased attack speed and critical strike chance.

Just in case the enemy puts on a speed boost or is already at range because of their class, Armillary Sash allows Ne Zha to rapidly close the distance and stun the enemy with a devastating attack. The stun is a perfect way to set up your allies to finish off the greatly wounded individual.

Ne Zha’s ultimate skill, Wind Fire Wheels is one of the more interesting skills in Smite. Rather than hitting the attack button and sitting back, players must click at the right time to make the hits critical strikes. The final hit smashes the foe to the ground which hits nearby enemies in an AoE before sending Ne Zha back to his starting position.

Ne Zha is deceptively strong and most certainly a force to be reckoned with. While it seems like his arsenal is limited due to two abilities being primarily buffs/debuffs, they only increase his fighting potential and allow players to focus on getting in close with the devastating melee attacks. Thanks to his skills, Ne Zha makes a stalwart addition to any team.

~ by Christian D, Author of ZeroAnd09 Blog

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