Hailing from Greek mythology and the beginning of time itself is Chronos, the keeper of time.  Not to be confused with the titan Chronus who fathered the gods, Chronos is the eternal watcher of time.  Together with his consort Anake, Chronos shaped the heavens and the earth, the seas and the sky.  He then sat back and watched as time marched on.

For a god that sits around and watches for all eternity, Chronos is a fairly boring character.  Unfortunately, this transfers over to Smite as well.  Chronos doesn’t excel in any one area and his weak hits and low health prevent him from being a great asset.  Instead, he’s more of an annoying gnat than an unstoppable primordial force.

Chronos’ passive ability is the Wheel of Time which is constantly turning.  That is, until the Accelerate skill is used.  Depending on which four sections the wheel of time is stopped in, Chronos gains one of several buffs.  Section I heals 1.5% of Chronos’ maximum health per second.  Section II grants a 75% mana refund on all of the time lord’s abilities.  Section III boosts magical power by 20% and Section IV puts an additional 35% magical power contribution towards basic attacks.

By itself, Accelerate progressively ramps up Chronos’ attack and movement speed.  It would be a very useful ability for ambushing enemies or turning the tide of a fight, but because Chronos lacks any bite, there’s no real effect of the ability beyond using it to trigger the Wheel of Time abilities.

Chronos’ two primary attacks are Time Rift which creates a small AoE that deals moderate damage and Stop Time.  Stop Time is the harder hitting of the two abilities and can hit twice.  After the attack hits, it will strike again when the enemy is stunned.  The major problem is how slowly the attack moves.  Chronos essentially lobs a painfully slow ball of cogs and wheels that is easily side stepped.  The only way to guarantee a hit is to launch it directly on top of an enemy god.  But this is an extremely risky move due to Chronos’ pitifully low health.

In what appears to be a cosmically bad joke, Chronos’ ultimate skill is Rewind.  Much like the Omega 13 from Galaxy Quest, Chronos can rewind himself in time by eight seconds.  This will move Chronos in reverse along the course previously plotted, recovering his mana and health to their initial values and resetting all of his cooldowns except for Rewind.  Played right, it can get Chronos out of a sticky situation by placing him behind enemies or moving him out of harm’s way.  But that’s all dependent on how Chronos and his opponent moved eight seconds prior to the decision to use Rewind.  More often than not, it plants Chronos only a few steps away from the fray if the player strafed during the fight or didn’t move much at all.  As far as ultimate skills are concerned, it is the worst in the game.

It’s hard to gauge the potential Chronos had.  He’s typically depicted as an old man with a long gray beard and a scythe.  Smite reinvented him as a cyclops with a penchant for steampunk.  With a lackluster array of skills, there’s not anything special about Chronos’ latest appearance.  Feel free to save your gems for another, more deserving god.

~ by Christian D, Author of ZeroAnd09 Blog

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